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Our diamonds sealed in blister packs are the perfect way to celebrate life’s most important occasions: like a birth, christening, holy Communion, confirmation, graduation or an anniversary. Our certified diamonds in blister packs come in various sizes and clarity grades, depending on the customer’s price range. All blister packs are sealed and accompanied by certificates of authenticity, which contain all the stone’s features: clarity, colour, carat, cut type and quality.

A diamond in a blister pack: a dazzling gift idea!

Looking for the perfect gift to celebrate an important occasion? Life’s most important moments should be celebrated with a gift that never loses its value. In addition to the eternal bond that gifts create and their sentimental value, they also havean enduring intrinsic value.

Calderoni’s diamonds in blister packs

Calderoni’s diamonds sealed in blister packs are supplied in a special CertiCard® case offering the best in safety and anti-counterfeiting. In addition, a Certieye© seal in permanent ink and unalterable cryptoprint detects any attempt to open the case. This tamper-proof seal with unique numbering can be scanned by smartphone and app. Moreover, a transparent security film on the inside of the diamond lodging offers a further guarantee of safety. With a sealed blister pack, your diamond is protected and cannot be replaced, and the related data - including the certificate of origin - cannot be altered. In addition, as with all Calderoni diamonds, respect for human rights and the environment is guaranteed, in compliance with the ethical diamond protocols.