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The Advantages


The choice of buying a diamond is underpinned by its commercial value. The most precious stone in the world is not only rare; it is also the result of the painstaking, delicate work of professionals and gemologists who enhance the economic value of diamonds. However, purchasing a diamond is both a rational and an emotional decision. Its chemical-physical characteristics are reflected in the realm of sentiments: hardness and durability, for example, represents the enduring value of a diamond as an everlasting bond between those who gift it and receive it.

Buying a diamond offers numerous advantages:

  • A certified diamond has a tangible value based on concrete measurements and guaranteed by international certificates

  • Diamonds are real, supranational assets that are valued and can be sold worldwide

  • Diamonds are tiny assets that are easy to transport

  • Diamonds have stable prices: since this is an oligopolistic market -i.e. diamonds are produced by a limited number of companies facing high demand -diamond prices are much less dependent on financial and political crises than other products

  • Diamonds diversify the asset portfolio with a non-financial alternative

  • The purchase and sale of diamonds is not subject to stamp duty or capital gains tax, but only VAT

  • Diamonds are an alternative means of establishing reserves and can be gifted to build wealth for heirs

  • Diamond prices are likely to increase in the long term due to the progressive depletion of the world's main diamond deposits and because of increasing demand

Since it was first established in 1840, Calderoni has gained extensive experience researching, selecting and selling diamonds certified by leading international gemological institutes, as a guarantee of reliability and excellence. An ethical, certified diamond is a gift of inestimable sentimental and tangible value.

Calderoni's Online Shop is the securest, most convenient place to buy certified diamonds in blister packs.