Calderoni high jewelry at the exhibition “STILE MILANO – Storie di Eleganza”

Each city has its distinctive style and Milano is well known for its accurate elegance, made of impeccable garments and precious details, the result of a renowned craftsmanship. The new exhibition "STILE MILANO – Storie di Eleganza" pays homage to the deep relationship between haute joaillerie and fashion. Housed in Milan’s Palazzo Morando, the exhibit focuses on the costume history in Milan, from the 1950s to present day, exploring the connection between high jewelry, fashion and culture.

Calderoni shares its long history of excellence by participating at the exhibition with three marvelous pieces from its heritage. Featuring precious gemstones and unparalleled artistry, Calderoni’s collection of high jewelry highlights the traditions of skilled craftsmanship that have been handed down within the Maison for more than 180 years. On display, there are two pieces from the 1950s: a ring in white gold featuring a central 4,51 carats of precious ruby exquisitely contrasted with 1,19 carats of bright diamonds and a brooch crafted from white gold and 7,7 carats of pure rubies and 5,75 of diamonds. In addition, there’s a necklace from the 1960s that showcases the refined beauty of three emeralds framed by articulate settings that allows the 34 carats of diamonds to radiate. #Calderoni