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The historical moment of uncertainty, due to the crises that periodically cross the financial markets of the whole world, leads to the evaluation of alternative instruments for the protection of diversified assets.

The reference context presents revolutionary scenarios, as:

  • Important capital re-entries are occurring as a result of the Voluntary Disclosure;
  • Italian assets and current accounts have grown over the last 10 years;
  • Available liquidity is at an historical record;
  • Rates are tending to "0" or even negative.

The choice of durable goods, including diamonds, as diversification of their assets, is therefore increasing more and more.

Buy diamonds
  • Diversification of your portfolio, of assets with a non-financial alternative.

  • Well not speculative, therefore with prices usually more stable than financial products or other commodities.

  • Tangible, physical and concrete with different rules for the passage of property and advertising.

  • Real, supranational good, recognized and salable all over the world.

  • It has very small dimensions with a high unit value and it is easily transportable.

  • The sale and purchase of diamonds is not subject to stamp duty nor to capital gains on capital gains. Only VAT is applied.

  • It is an excellent way to build up reserves and it is a good that can be given by becoming a valid opportunity to build a reserve of capital to be allocated to the heirs.

  • Probability in the long run to see its value increase thanks to the progressive depletion of the main diamond deposits and the increase in demand. Moreover, since this is an oligopolistic market, diamond prices are usually much less affected by other financial / political crises.



The Calderoni quotations are published weekly on the website. The price list is calculated based on the Rapaport Price List, adjusted to the USD / EUR exchange rate plus a small commission and VAT. The Rapaport price list is the primary source of the diamond price industry and information on the market and is released every Friday, refers to diamonds already cut and serves as a basis for determining the price of diamonds sold to the unit.

It is composed of several tables that define the price lists specified for each combination. Prices are calculated according to the weight, shape, color and purity of the diamond.


GIA International Certificate