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Orders and shipments
  • Safe Shipping

    We offer a quick and safe shipping service for all your orders.

    We also offer our customers the opportunity to collect their purchase at one of our boutiques. Free shipping on orders over € 500. For orders below this amount, shipping costs are € 20. Please note that you can select the "Boutique Pick-up" to collect your purchase at one of our Boutiques. Orders will be shipped -following receipt of payment -within at most 15 working days. Delivery may require longer in the event of strikes or other causes of force majeure. Payments can be made by Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. With our diamonds the customer will receive the gemological certification of each stone and the transport document. We do not currently ship orders outside Italy.

  • Payment method

    Payment options:

    - Credit Cards: Visa, American Express, Mastercard, Maestro, Poste Pay, Visa Electron.

    - Bank Transfer: The bank details will be provided on the proforma invoice.

  • Purchase order refusal

    In the event, Calderoni intends to refuse a purchase order, it shall inform the customer within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of receipt of the Purchase Order, either by e-mail or by registered letter with return receipt.

  • Purchase order cancellation

    Should the Customer intend to cancel a purchase order, it shall inform Calderoni either by email at contact@calderoni.com. If the customer does not settle the amount due within ten (10) working days, the order will automatically be cancelled, and the customer will be informed by email to the address provided.

  • Product insurance

    Together with Diamonds, the company offers the 'All Risks' insurance policy issued by a leading insurance company. It will be valid for XX months and may be renewed for the next nine months. At the end of the validity of the insurance policy, the Diamonds must be kept in an insured place such as bank safes or non-removable safes closed, in the office or in private homes. In the event that the customer decides to change the insured place, declared during the subscription phase, he / she must notify him / her by e-mail. In the event of a claim, the customer will receive a purchase voucher equal to the insured value of the Diamonds, as indicated in the policy stipulated at the time of purchase.